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Our Experience and Background

Our Web Design Experience

I’ve been designing websites professionally for over 15 years working on many large and small websites for a variety of companies. These days I work closely with my clients creating responsive websites that deliver a clear message, meet their needs and goals and help their business grow.

Our Story

Everyone has a story and this is mine. At lease the relevant parts anyway.

Sitting at the wooden drawing tables of Ad Agencies and Design Studios for hours a day are where things started for me. As a print designer and paste-up artist, markers, layout pads, x-acto knives, wax and stat cameras were the tools of the trade.

Sometime during 1988 I ditched the art board for a computer and started working in desktop publishing and CD-ROM design. Now I was sitting in front of a computer monitor for hours a day… and loving it. No more marker fumes, wax or x-acto blades for me.

All was good and time marched on.

Until one day a friend showed me this thing called a web browser on his computer. A what? It’s cool. You use it to look at websites. Huh? He browsed to a search engine. (This was years before Google.) “Look at this, you can ask it anything and get an answer back.” Really? “You can also find any website you want.” Wow, how many websites are there?

It went on like that for a few hours. I was hooked.

Since then the internet continued to grow in popularity and by the mid-nineties I was in a new job designing, you guessed it, websites!

It was exciting. Web design was changing and evolving so fast. Every business was getting a website. I was very busy working on website after website.

Things changed again, as they always do, and in 2001 I started Davis Designs creating websites and offering a professional, personal web design service.

These days I still work on the computer helping businesses with their websites. My clients enjoy the many benefits of responsive web design, editable content, social media and many other features.

My experience in web design and graphic design over the years has given me a strong foundation helping me to understand what is needed for a successful web site.

The story continues…

My Work Philosophy

I genuinely care about the clients I work with as well as their business and future success. The best way to show this is with excellence in client service and communication. I also love what I do which helps me provide the best possible service to my clients.

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