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Create Your Website

A Simple 3 Step Process

Create Your Website

We have simplified the process of creating a successful web site into three simple steps. By doing this we hope to save you time and avoid any confusion or feeling of being overwhelmed.

Plan Your Website


Planning your web site is a short but important step. This sets the ground work that the next two steps will build on.

Here we establish the purpose and goals for your web site. Your domain name and hosting is organized.

We consider the type and amount of content you need for your web site and organize it into an easy to navigate structure of pages and sub-pages plus we decide on the key items for your home page.

The features for your web site are selected as well as any online services you may need such as email, social media or analytics.

We also work out the look and feel of your web site working from your current Branding, any design preferences you may have, your target market, your existing marking materials, your competitors and the type of industry you are in.

A word about Your Content

Good quality content is the most important aspect of your web site. It remains a separate entity that can be applied to any type of web site. If you take the time to prepare good, quality content it will reward you with a stronger, consistent message, quality visitors to your web site and the ability to compete more successfully online.

Design Your Website


This is the fun part. The Web Design. Most people make the mistake of starting here without planning their web site first. By planning things first it can really help the design step immensely. This is where we work on the design of your web site based on your content, the template being used and features of the site.

We create layouts for your web site based on the template we are working with. Color, fonts and page layouts are created to show how you content will appear on the web site. We typically work on layouts for the Home page and one or two interior pages.

Once the Design is ready we then move on to building your web site.

Build Your Website


With the planning and design steps complete we start to build your web site. Here we put all the pieces together. The site’s structure, your content, and the design is used to build out the web site page by page similar to the way a construction worker uses blueprints to construct a building.

When the entire site is ready and approved it is made live for the world to see. A back-up of the web site files and database is also done.

Moving Forward

Your web site is now complete and online. This is not where it ends, but rather this is where everything begins.

We can maintain you web site by keeping the software updated with new versions as they are made available. We can also make regular back-ups of your web site as changes and additions are made.

Your web site is really never ‘done’ and will evolve as your business grows and develops.

We also offer training to help you learn how to get around your web site, make additions and changes by yourself and post articles to your blog.

Let's Discuss Your Website.

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