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A Creative Process

Our Process for creating your Website

Our Process

Creating Your Website in 3 Stages

There are many things to work out when creating a successful website. What type of website will it be, how will it reach your business goals, what type of content will it have, how many pages will there be, what type of design will it have, how long will it take to complete? Dealing with everything at once can become overwhelming very quickly.

By organizing each task into a simple, organized process we are able to take care of everything that needs to be done.

Over the years we have refined our process into 3 stages. They are Planning, Design and Build. Below is an overview of all 3 stages followed by a more detailed discussion of each stage.

We hope this will help you become more familiar with how we go about creating your website.


All great websites need a good plan. Here we organize your websites content into an intuitive structure.

We select the features you need for your website and work out any technical details!


Good Web Design creatively presents your content with clean, responsive layouts.

Here we use color, fonts and layout to deliver a strong message and reinforce your brand.


With a good plan and design building your web site will be smooth and trouble free.

Here all the parts of your web site are assembled to build a web site your customers will love to use.

Stage One


Creating a plan for your web site is a short but important step. A good plan sets the ground work for the Design and Built stages.

First we establish the purpose and goals for your web site. We also make sure your domain name and hosting is ready.

A big part of the Planning step is the content for you web site. We gather together the content ideas for your website and organize it into an easy to navigate structure made up of pages and sub-pages.

Any unique features you may need for your web site beyond any of the features we normally provide are discussed and added using the best solution.

Finally it’s important to discuss the look and feel of your web site and how it will work with your current branding. When planning a creative direction for your web site we consider any design preferences you may have, your target market, your existing marking materials, the type of industry you are in and any competitors.

Stage Two


This is the fun part. The Web Design. Most people make the mistake of starting here without planning their web site first. By planning things first it can really help the design step immensely.

We create the design of your web site based on your content, your target market, the template being used and features of the site.

Colors, fonts and page layouts are created to show how your content will appear on the web site. We typically design layouts for the Home page and one or two interior pages.

If a design template is used, this stage can be reduced or eliminated depending on how much modification is made to the design template.

Once the Design is ready we then move on the build stage of your web site.

Stage Three


With the planning and design stages complete, the build stage of your web site begins. Here we put all the pieces together. The site’s structure, content, and final web site design is used to build out your website page by page. This can be compared to the way a construction worker uses blueprints to construct a building.

Depending on the size of your website the build stage can take some time to finish.

When the entire site is ready (and approved) it is made live for the entire world to see.

To keep your website safe online we use strong passwords. We also make a complete back-up of the website files and database.

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"Davis Designs have the capacity to listen carefully and deliver what we want and need time and time again. They come with our highest recommendation."

Mark Dowds


"The quality of his work has always been truly exceptional. There have been several projects where I’ve needed Gord’s specific expertise and I’ve always jumped at the chance to use him. True to form, his projects have always been completed on time and on budget."

Vincent Grimard

Harland Financial Solutions

"DavisDesigns took the time to listen to us, to understand our objectives, and to develop genuine insight into the needs of our audience. The result was a world-class site that is not only visually stunning, but also exceptionally functional."

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Liberal Party of Canada

"It was a pleasure working with Gord as he was quick to grasp the concepts we wanted to showcase and understood the intricacies of our business."

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President, Millenium Travel

"DavisDesigns listened to us, offered creative, cost-effective options to meet our needs, and turned the work around in short order. We are very pleased with the design and functionality of our web site. I’d recommend DavisDesigns anytime."

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