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Website Protection

Let us help keep your website safe and running smoothly

Maintenance and Security Plan

Our Maintenance and Security Plan was created to help keep your website safe, up to date and running efficiently.

Everyday WordPress websites are being targeted by hackers trying to insert malware or other malicious code. The last thing you need is to have your website stop working.

It can negatively affect your business by losing traffic and lowering your google rankings.

Your best defense is a website that is secure, regularly updated and properly backed-up. Our worry-free plan will do all that and more not to mention give you a little peace of mind.


If something bad should happen to your website a back-up is the best way to save you from disaster. It will save you time and money by avoiding costly repairs or having to create your website from scratch.


  • Off-site Back-ups
  • Restore points
  • Manual back-ups


Security can be as simple as using strong passwords, limiting logins, and 2FA or more advanced with firewalls and malware monitoring. It depends on the level of security your website needs.


  • Secure passwords
  • File scans
  • Website Monitoring


Out dated software can become a big target for attacks. Keeping your website updated with the latest versions and features will keep your website secure and less of a target for hackers.


  • WordPress Core Files
  • Theme and Plugins
  • Staging area for testing

Monthly Reports

Each month you’ll receive a report that covers all the activity and work completed on your website to help keep it secure and running efficiently.


  • Maintenance Reports
  • Security Reports
  • Google Analytics


There is no contract to sign and you may stop at any time.Simply let us know that you would like the Maintenance and Security Plan and we’ll set-up everything for you.

Initial set-up tasks are free. Other chargeable set-up tasks such as scanning for and fixing security items, creating off-site accounts for back-ups and updating passwords may take approximately 2 to 4 hours.

All Maintenance and Security Plan tasks are charged at $55.00 per hour in quarter hour increments. Automated back-ups, once set-up, are not charged.

Average monthly costs range from $55.00 to $82.50. This would cover regular checks, updates, monitoring, scans and reviewing email notices. You will be notified of any extensive work needed before-hand.

Start your Maintenance and Security Plan Today

Starting is easy. Just send us a quick email to let us know you would like the Maintenance and Security Plan. We’ll get everything set-up and let you know when it’s ready.